April 2021

April 26, 2021
Today we are looking for the truth to bust chiropractic myths

Busting the Most Common Chiropractic Myths!

The chiropractic myths out there range from understandable to downright ridiculous! So, we at Alive Chiropractic decided to bust the most common chiropractic myths in this […]
April 19, 2021
Women's heart health is essential to improving your quality of life

Improving Women’s Heart Health with Chiropractic

Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a man’s disease, almost as many women as men die each year of heart disease in the United […]
April 12, 2021
Regular chiropractic care can decrease the risk of falls in the elderly, keeping them doing what they love!

Decreasing the Risk of Falls in the Elderly

Getting older is just a fact of life! Many people are concerned with how best to prepare our bodies for this inevitability. We exercise, eat well, […]
April 5, 2021
springtime allergies can put a damper on your plans to be outside

Allergies 101, And How Chiropractic Can Help

The onset of allergies is an unwelcome spring concern for many. One question remains: why do some individuals “have allergies,” and others do not? If pollen […]