July 12, 2021
Controlling sugar intake is a big part of controlling diabetes

How Diabetes Can Be Effected by Chiropractic Care

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, blindness in adults, and amputations. It is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, […]
July 5, 2021
Retracing is a natural part of the healing process, and you don't have to go through it alone!

Why Retracing is a Natural Part of the Healing Process

Retracing is also known as “unwinding”, “detoxing”, or a “healing crisis”. It is the process by which your body rewinds and repairs previously unresolved injuries. Ultimately, […]
June 28, 2021
Chiropractic for kids is a great way to foster healthy development!

Chiropractic for Kids: Why It’s So Important!

The thought of chiropractic for kids may be a new idea for you. Many of you may be thinking why in the world would a child […]
June 21, 2021
Picking a healthy sunscreen will keep you safe while you spend time with friends outside

Picking Out a Healthy Sunscreen

Now that summer is upon us, it’s that time of year again to make sure we’re picking out a healthy sunscreen! What is Vitamin D? According […]
June 14, 2021
By taking care of your neuro-endocrine system, you can keep from getting sick!

Your Neuro-endocrine System and Chiropractic

You might be wondering, what is my neuro-endocrine system? What if we told you that two of your most powerful systems in your body work together […]
June 7, 2021
The goal of holistic medicine is healing your entire body

Allopathic vs. Holistic Health

You may be asking yourself, what do allopathic and holistic health mean? Let’s break it down together in this article! What’s Allopathic Health? Allopathic health refers […]
May 31, 2021
chiropractic care during pregnancy naturally prepares your body and gives you support for a healthy birth!

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy: The Facts!

At Alive Chiropractic, we know that chiropractic care during pregnancy not only ensures a healthy labor and delivery, but also gives relief to mom during those […]
May 24, 2021
as we spend more time looking at our phones, we need to address the stress that has on our necks!

Text Neck Syndrome and Its Effects

Text neck is a syndrome that unfortunately impacts almost everyone in our world of technology and cell phones. This occurs when you are looking down at […]
May 17, 2021
torque release technique

What is Torque Release Technique?

You may have heard Dr. Rob mention that at Alive Chiropractic, we use the chiropractic technique called Torque Release Technique, or TRT. Ever wonder exactly what […]