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If you’re living with pain or discomfort that you haven’t been able to reduce or treat, it might be time to visit the chiropractor. But even if you aren’t experiencing any pain, chiropractic care is beneficial to keeping stress and pressure off of the nervous system, which helps to lower and prevent disease and injury. At Alive Chiropractic in Elm Grove, we know that the key to living a happy life starts with you and your health.

Dr. Robert Fugiel is a Wisconsin native who started his education at UW-Oshkosh where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and met his wife Eva. From there, he went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic where he learned the theory of chiropractic care combined with hands-on practice.

He is a certified advanced proficient in Torque Release Technique, which has been proven to be the most effective and specific chiropractic technique in the world. This technique has been found to yield consistent and recognized results in patients of all ages.

Alive Chiropractic in Elm Grove is proud to provide chiropractic care for the whole family. Recognizing that chiropractic care can benefit the whole family, Dr. Robert believes that the most important step to living a healthy life is to make sure you and your family’s nervous system is free of stress and interference.
Our approach to Chiropractic Care is to use the most advanced technology available, as well as proven chiropractic techniques to get an objective analysis of your health. In this way, we find the true cause of your health concerns. In our Elm Grove chiropractic office, we use four technologies to assess your body for stress and correct it, allowing your body to heal from the inside out, naturally.

  1. Neurological Evaluation – By using thermal-infrared technology, we can assess your entire spine and nervous system to find areas where miscommunication may be happening between your brain and your body.
  2. Muscle Assessment – We use surface electromyography or sEMG how your muscles are responding and contracting along your spine.
  3. Spinal Exam – This will help us see where structural shifts and subluxations may have occurred.
  4. Digital X-Rays – If necessary, we can find any curves, degeneration, or loss of disc space in your spine, which can’t be detected using the other evaluations.

These technologies allow us to locate each and every misalignment or subluxation and where they’re located. We can then administer a very gentle, specific, and individualized chiropractic adjustment to realign your bones to their proper position, reduce stress and pressure off of the nerves, and restoring the natural communication between your brain and your body.


If you’re ready to experience the Alive Chiropractic difference, and start living the life you deserve, contact us to book your appointment today. The Alive Chiropractic team at our Elm Grove office is ready to serve you and your family, so you can live your best life.